KOTA - Triangle Walks

Release date: 26.07.2012 BPM
1 KOTA - Blue Moment 124
2 KOTA - Triangle Walks 130
3 KOTA - Soulclipse 128
4 KOTA - Lagoon 112

"KOTA - Triangle Walks" is a 4-track digital release. We are glad to present to you the fifth release of Pureuphoria records. The release is full of sound inherent in the KOTA project(Japan): it's a fat sound, a large number of interacting frequencies and melodies, dramatic soundscapes, dynamic and driving rhythmic lines - all together expressed in simple form, creating an emotion and a vibe. Each track has its own story and spirit, don't let it's slow tempo to discourage and puzzle you - the music here is energetic and danceable regardless to a low BPM! Cover by Neomorph GFX.