Neon - Timesurf

Release date: 06.05.2019 BPM
1 Rise and Shine 126
2 Floating Eclipse 128
3 Deep Forest 129
4 River Of Time 124
5 Can You See It 128
6 Computer Analysis 131
7 Mystic Healing Power 130
8 Inner World 128
9 Hypnotic Programming 130
10 Driven Saturation 128

No time to think, but only to catch the flow and cruise the unfolding moment. Being present, feeling the fresh breeze of the ocean of life, keeping the balance and riding along the timewaves. When you ride a wave - you become a wave.
"Timesurf" is an attempt to transmit the essence of this magical journey, into sound.

Written/Produced/Mastered by alex.neon. Cover design by Neomorph GFX