Aiiw - Gyluma

Release date: 09.09.2018 BPM
1 Aiiw - Gyluma 1 (Emi) 95
2 Aiiw - Gyluma 2 95
3 Aiiw - Gyluma 3 97

The man behind the 'Aiiw' project is Nerijus Malaiska, who has gone through a long musical journey. 'Aiiw' is his latest creation, found in 2010 aiming to find project's own sound and style. This quest is still going on until today with different attempts and experiments, which all fit within a framework of techno music.
'Gyluma' according to the author's words means 'Something deep' and he finds it hard to explain. This release is all about a voyage into it. Downtempo trance rhythms, chilled vibes, melodies and simplicity are the driving force of this EP, which surely will get a sonic traveler to the intended destination.

Mastered by alex.neon. Cover art by Neomorph GFX.