Xprompt - Generator

Release date: 20.04.2018 BPM
1 Xprompt - Intergalactic 145
2 Xprompt - Pole position 147
3 Xprompt - Silent prophecy 148
4 Xprompt - Hypnotic bridge 148
5 Xprompt - Birth of impulse 150

Generator is a debut release by Xprompt, it consists some of the best vibes from previously tested live-sets. A lot of experimentation happened to find and determine Xpromt’s style since its diversion from Alexei’s main project Neon, and this process will continue.
This particular release is about setting in motion the portal generator and re-routing neuron paths of a sonic traveler in order to bring to life the dormant mystery.

Written, produced, and mastered by alex.neon, cover design by Neomorph GFX