Sirod - Another World

Release date: 06.07.2016 BPM
1 Sirod - G.Axtarm 125
2 Sirod - Dori Pandi 125
3 Sirod - Another World 126
4 Sirod - The Trancer 124
5 Sirod - Amleton 124

After deep winter hibernation Pureuphoria records is happy to bring in fresh progressive vibes from another world. The author of this special sonic candy is Thodoris Panagiotopoulos (AKA Sirod), a producer/DJ from Greece, whom the label were pleased to introduce you first time on the VA-compilation Virtuality.
"The world that we believe to be the only absolute and immutable is only one of a number of existing worlds. And all of them are as real, unique and absolute as our own. In almost every culture and tradition that exists on our planet, there are legends of mysterious journeys to other worlds, so why wouldn't you assume that such journey is taking place right now?" Mastered by alex.neon @ Pureuphoria Studio. Cover design by Neomorph GFX.